DIMOTAKIS, P. E., BROADWELL, J. E. & HOWARD, R. D. 1983 "Chemically Reacting Turbulent Jets," AIAA 21st Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 10-13 January 1983 (Reno, Nevada), AIAA-83-0474.


A new description of the mechanisms of turbulent entrainment, miring and chemical reactions is emerging from experiments in the last few years which reveal the presence of large scale structures in turbulent shear flows. The basic notion is that in these flows, entrainment and siring begins with a large scale, primarily inviscid, intertwining of the mixing species and is completed by molecular diffusion when the concentration fluctuations reach the smallest length scales that are sustained by the turbulence.

This paper reports additional experimental evidence for these ideas, for the case of an-symmetric reacting turbulent jets in water, obtained using laser induced fluorescence techniques.