DAHM, W. J. A. & DIMOTAKIS, P. E. 1985 "Measurements of Entrainment and Mixing in Turbulent Jets," AIAA J. 25,1216-1223.


An experimental investigation of entrainment and mixing in the self-similar far field of an axisymmetric tree turbulent jet in water is presented. Length and time scales for the flame length fluctuations of reacting jets are shown to be approximately equal to the local characteristic large scale Length and time of the flow. It is also shown that instantaneous radial profiles of concentration across the jet do not resemble the mean concentration profile, indicating that the mean profile is a poor representation of the mixed fluid states within the jet. These instantaneous profiles also show that unmixed ambient fluid is transported throughout the entire extent of the jet, and that the mixed fluid composition within the jet can be fairly uniform in regions extending across a large part of the local jet diameter. Lastly, the amount of unmixed ambient fluid on the jet centerline is found to vary roughly periodically with a period approximately equal to the local characteristic large scale time of the flow. These results suggest that large scale transport mechanisms, displaying a characteristic organization, play an important role in entrainment and mixing in the far field of turbulent jets.