LOUIS, H., DEMIRIS, A., BUDIL, K. S., MILLER, P. L., PEYSER, T. A., STRY, P. E., WOJTOWICZ, D. A., and DIMOTAKIS, P. E. 1995 "Miniature targets for hydrodynamic instability experiments on Nova," Fusion Technology 28, 1833-1837.


Millimeter-scale shock tubes with precision-machined submillimeter features have been developed for hydrodynamic instability experiments conducted on the Nova laser facility. We will describe two specific designs: a silica aerogel tracer disk and an aluminum-doped epoxy tracer strip, both embedded in the shock-tube target. These unique features facilitate radiographic imaging of key phenomena of interest. We describe in detail the construction and characterization of the miniature targets, including the fabrication and emplacement of the radiographic tracers. A sample of the experimental data is presented.