DIMOTAKIS, P. E., CATRAKIS, H. J., COOK, A. W., AND PATTON, J. M. 1998 "On the geometry of two-dimensional slices of irregular level sets in turbulent flows," 2nd Monte-Verita Colloquium on Fundamental Problematic Issues in Turbulence (22-28 March 1998, Ascona, Switzerland). GALCIT Report FM98-2.


Isoscalar surfaces in turbulent flows are found to be more complex than (self-similar) fractals, in both the far field of liquid-phase turbulent jets and in a realization of Rayleigh-Taylor-instability flow. In particular, they exhibit a scale-dependent coverage dimension, D2(l), for 2-D slices of scalar level sets, that increases with scale, from unity, at small scales, to 2, at large scales. For the jet flow and Reynolds numbers (Re) investigated, the isoscalar-surface geometry is both scalar-threshold- and Re-dependent; the level-set (coverage) length decreases with increasing Re, indicating enhanced mixing with increasing Reynolds number; and the size distribution of closed regions is well described by lognormal statistics at small scales. A similar D2(l) behavior is found for level-set data of 3-D density-interface behavior in recent direct numerical-simulation studies of Rayleigh-Taylor-instability flow. A comparison of (spatial) spectral and isoscalar coverage statistics are discussed.

GALCIT Report FM98-2 (PDF file, 593KB). Downsampled to 150dpi to reduce file size. Copyright © 1998 Paul E. Dimotakis.